Ahoy Neighbors . . .

Move your mouse around the sunken wreckage above to discover some important clues and information related to the 2021 Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction.

RECIPE FOR ENGAGEMENT . . . Looking for a recipe to improve neighborhood communication, increase participation, and raise money for neighborhood projects the easy and COVID-safe way?  Find out about the 2021 CTV Neighborhood Treasure Hunt currently underway by visiting ctvknox.org/hunt.  Even better, watch the short treasure hunt orientation video hosted by Kevin, Monika & Jason at THIS LINK.  Then, dig in and begin helping to promote engagement in your neighborhood and raise money to fund your neighborhood projects – the easy way.

Click anywhere on the Knox Co. zip code map above to help you identify the names of the organized neighborhood groups nearest to your home.

Neighbors Mr. Roland & Trea Hunter are telling everyone about the new items being added daily to the
2021 Neighborhood Treasure Hunt.
Are you?

Donated Treasures This Year . . . So far!